Posted on: February 12, 2012 8:21 pm

College Football Improvements

There is no doubt that the College Football Regular Season is the best in all of sports.  There is a big disparity in ratings from the regular season to the bowl season.  This argument of not scheduling games in December has been a weak agrument for years.  Other divisons in College Football play their playoff games during this same time period along with scheduling basketball tournaments as much as 1000's of miles away mid week away from campus.  The concept I have is a simple one that will make the regular season more exciting. 

10 Game Confernce Schedule
Lets seed the conferences based off of their record of the last three seasons
Have two Non-Conference games with one home and one away game with zero cupcakes
With the new Non-Conference schedule the *1 Conference will play a team from the #2 Conference and then a game from the worst conference
The Non-Conference matchups will detail based off of the W-L Records of the last three seasons
Make all Conferences have the same amount of teams
The matchups would be as your record states from that particular seeding
So a *1 Team in one conference will play a *1 Team from another conference
Example: Alabama would play say the *1 Team from the Big 10 then the *1 Team from the Sun Valley
If any team goes undefeated in Non-Conference for two years they get both Non-Conference home games
If more than one undefeated Non-Conference team based off of record they play one another in that third year
Have a bye week at the end of the regular season before Conference Championships
Every Conference must have a Championship Game
To Qualify for a major bowl game you must have been in a Conference Championship Game
Like the BCS Title Game re-seed the teams at the end of the complete season
Example: Sugar Bowl would have the 2vs4 teams if they don't have the Title Game
Have NCAA regulate the Bowl games and stop all bowl games of Conference tie ins
Bowl Games will take place two weeks after the Conference Championship games of teams that participated in a Conference Championship
If a team didn't participate in a Conference Title Game as long as the matchup is with another Non-Conference Title oppoent then that game takes place the week where the Conference Champions have a bye
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